USED B.C. Rich ST-III Platinum Series (910)

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Physical Condition
This B.C. Rich guitar is in good condition, but does have a few issues! There's several missing parts which include: Three pickup ring screws, two truss rod cover screws, three locking-nut screws & the locking nut pieces, one control cavity cover screw, the backplate & its six screws, the switch tip cover, the original knobs, and the tremolo arm. Aside from these missing parts, the guitar is in good playing condition with only a few cosmetic issues. The worst cosmetic damage the guitar presents are some light dings about the headstock and body. There's also two light finish cracks on both sides of the neck pocket. The pickup rings and truss rod cover have light cracking, but still function fine. The metal hardware all exhibits some tarnishing and scratches. Otherwise, this guitar only has some light wear from typical playing and handling. Overall, this will be an excellent player with a little TLC!

SLIGHT wear on the first few frets, but otherwise no other type of fret damage!

Action is medium low. Could use a quick tweak to your liking!

All electronics work properly, but the pots and switches could use a cleaning!

No case or gig bag included!


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