Fender Ukulele Nohea All Koa

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Traditional Island Beauty
Koa is a gorgeous, deep-grained wood native to Hawaii, which is why it’s the most traditional tonewood used to make the world’s finest ukuleles. The Fender Nohea—Hawaiian for “beauty”—is an all-koa tenor-size ukulele that delivers that classic island tone for less than you probably expected to pay for such a gorgeous instrument. The Nohea’s lovely koa body is accentuated by an acrylic abalone rosette and binding, and its sound is shaped by fan bracing and a bone nut and bridge saddle.
Tenor-size ukulele
Koa top with fan bracing
Koa back and sides
Mahogany neck with 19 frets, bone nut and Telecaster® headstock shape
Rosewood bridge with bone saddle
Acrylic abalone rosette and body binding

Bone Nut and Saddle
String nuts and bridge saddles fashioned from bone contribute to brighter, clearer acoustic tone. Many players consider them more "organic" sounding, with tonal quality unmatched by string nuts and bridge saddles made using synthetic materials.

Satin finish
The smooth sheen and silken feel of a satin finish impart a classic air of stylish elegance to any acoustic instrument. For a refined look and comfortable fretting-hand feel, a satin finish makes for a smoothly satisfying playing experience.

Arched back
This uke isn’t just finely fashioned from the front; it features an arched back crafted for both playing comfort and sound projection.

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