USED Ibanez S520EX

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Physical Condition
First off, this is a partscaster; this is an S520EX body, matched up with a 90's 'Custom Made' inlay MIJ Ibanez neck. This guitar is in good condition with only a few minor signs of use. The worst being what looks like a light crack between the nut mounting bolts, a medium sized part of the tip of the headstock has been chipped off, some LIGHT stress cracks in the finish on the neck pocket, and some finish wear on the tremolo. Otherwise there is only some light scratches and dings on the top, back and sides of the body. Tremolo arm included and the knobs have been swapped out for neon yellow ones. Great sounding and playing guitar!

This guitar has a little wear on the first few frets but plays great!

Action is medium low and plays great! Could use a quick tweak.

Pickups are Dimarzio Tone Zone/Air Nortons. All electronics work properly!

Non original Tour Grade hardshell case included!

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