NEW Pierceton Hobbs - Fawn (CD)

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1. Roll On
2. Dying To Make A Living
3. What Is A Perception
4. Tuck Me In
5. The Haint 
6. Exhale
7. Unbridled
8. Smoke Bud
9. Fawn
10. Sad And Beautiful World

Produced by Pierceton Hobbs and Kenny Miles
Recorded and Mixed by Kenny Miles at Fat Baby Studios in Whitesburg, KY
Mastered by Jon Atkinson at Big Tone Records in Bristol, VA
Cover Art by Shawn Wallace
All Music Written by Pierceton Hobbs except:
Track 2 - Dying To Make A Living by W.V. Hill and A.K. Mullins/Foddershock
Track 10 - Sad And Beautiful World by Mark Linkous/Sparklehorse
Special Thanks to: Kenny Miles, Hayden Miles, Linda Jean Stokley, Larah Helayne, Sam Gleaves, W.V. Hill, Brett Ratliff, Mike Howard, and Prof Jesse Wells

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