VINTAGE Univox Coily Bass (439)

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Physical Condition
This bass is in good condition for it's age with only some minor wear! There is a crack in the headstock that runs from the tip, down past the low E tuner. May need repair or some attention at the very least. There are a handful of long finish cracks on the front and back of the body, some light dings around the tip of the headstock, and some tarnishing on the hardware. Missing pickguard and a few of the knobs are not original. Otherwise, this bass only has some light wear from typical playing and handling. With just a little TLC, this one will make a fantastic player!

Only some light wear on the first few frets, but otherwise no other type of fret damage! Frets could use a cleanup.

Action is medium. Could use a quick tweak!

Bass produces no sound; all parts are intact but needs some work.

No case or gig bag included

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