USED Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass (499)

Article number: Used Fender Geddy Lee 04062019
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Physical Condition
This bass is in great condition, but has been played a bit and does have some light wear and tear to show for it. Being that it sports a black finish, there are a few light scratches, swirl marks and a stray dent/impression here and there that are a little more noticeable due to the finish, but clean overall! There are some SUPER light scratches on the body, mainly on the back, as well as a slight amount of tarnishing on the hardware Otherwise, this bass only has some superficial wear from being handled, played and polished, as well as some light dust buildup in the nooks and crannies of the hardware. Great sounding and playing bass!

This bass has only some light wear on the first few frets. Plays great!

Action is medium low but may need a quick tweak to your liking!

All electronics work properly!

No case or gig bag included!


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