USED Fender Limited Edition Paisley Stratocaster HSS (670)

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Physical Condition
This guitar is in good condition, but has been played a bit and has some notable wear to show for it. There are a few finish cracks on the top of the body, some dings around the sides of the body, as well as some heavy wear on the pickguard and pickups. There are a few odd hazed up areas of finish near the output jack, and the back of the body has some light scuffs, swirl marks, and a stray ding or two present. The hardware is also tarnished up quite a bit, and there is some grime buildup in the nooks and crannies of the guitar that could use a quick cleanup. Otherwise, this guitar only has some typical wear and tear from regular gigging. Tremolo arm not included. This one will make a great player with a little TLC!

This guitar has some light wear on the first few frets, but otherwise no other type of fret damage! Frets could use a quick cleanup during the next restring as they're also tarnished.

Action is medium low and plays great, but may need a quick tweak to your liking!

All electronics work properly!

No case or gig bag included!


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