USED Fender Road Worn 50s Telecaster (118)

Article number: Used Fender Roadworn Telecaster 05022019
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Physical Condition
This guitar is relic'ed from the factory, so accurately gauging and describing wear and tear from typical playing and handling is hard to do. This guitar does seem to have a few extra scratches and a few stray dings that may not have been there originally, as well as some strumming scratches on the pickguard. Otherwise, this guitar shows no real extra wear or damage that wasn't intentionally done from the original manufacturer. No structural damage, such as cracks or breaks! This guitar plays and sounds FABULOUS!

This guitar has only some light wear on the first few frets.

Action is medium low and plays great, but may need a quick tweak to your liking.

All electronics work properly!

No case or gig bag included!


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