USED Gibson Songwriter Deluxe EC Studio (017)

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Physical Condition
This guitar is in good condition, but does have some wear and tear. First off, there is a large section on the lower side, near the input jack/strap button, that the guitar has taken a pretty tough hit, which has dented the wood and cracked the finish a bit, and has also created a small gap between the side of the body and the binding. The wood doesn't seem to have actually cracked, but the inside of the guitar has been glued over the majority of the area that is damaged on the outside and seems completely solid. Otherwise, the guitar has a few light scratches and a handful of dents and dings here and there, with the worst being some strumming impressions on the top, above the soundhole. Aside from this, the guitar only presents some typical wear from everyday playing, handling, and cleaning. This guitar also has a slightly smoky odor that should air out in time. Overall, this is a fantastic playing and sounding guitar!

This guitar has some very light wear on the first few frets, but otherwise no other type of fret damage!

Action is medium low and plays great, but may need a quick tweak to your liking!

All electronics are original and work perfectly!

Original Gibson hardshell case included! This case has a slightly smoky odor that should air out in time.

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