VINTAGE Teisco Deluxe Bass (911)

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Physical Condition
This guitar is a super cool vintage piece with it's fair share of scratches, dings, and general wear, but it's in overall good condition. The entire body has some light scratches, scuffs, and swirl marks, and also has a few finish chips, wear on the pickguard, and some tarnishing on the hardware. The original bridge cover is not included. Otherwise, this Teisco sounds fantastic and will be a smoking player with just a little love!

The guitar has some light wear on the first few frets, but plays great! Frets and fingerboard could use a quick cleanup during the next restring.

The action is medium low and plays great, but may require a quick tweak to your liking!

Pots and electronics could use a quick shot of contact cleaner, but all electronics work properly!

No case or gig bag included!


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