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Meet the MME Team!


Kevin Harmon / Sales Manager

Guitar picker and deal maker. Musicians want to get to know him because he knows gear inside-out and makes sure every customer gets the best deal possible. He has been working in the musical instrument world for over twenty years. He leads a team that's bringing a fresh guitar buying experience to the world.

Favorite Guitar - Gretsch!!

Favorite Pedal - Visual Sound Double Trouble

Favorite Amp - Fender Princeton



Jordan McCown / Internet Sales, Guitar Repair Guru

The man that never sleeps. He spends his days crafting the MME website and has become the go-to guy for any guitar repairs. His knowledge of gear and tone is unmatched.  At night, he lends his guitar playing to various bands throughout the region.

Favorite Guitar - Gibson '57 Reissue Les Paul

Favorite Pedal - Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man

Favorite Amp - Fender Vibro Champ



Jason Justice / Shipping & Receiving, Sales

Hailing from Elkhorn City, Kentucky, Jason joined the MME team in 2013 and has been making sure that your guitars arrive safely since day one. When you place an order with MME, he makes sure that you get it quickly and safely! When he's not sending out guitars, you can find him deep in the heart of the local music scene.

Favorite Guitar - Fender '58 American Vintage Telecaster

Favorite Pedal - JHS 808

Favorite Amp - Fender Deluxe Reverb


Clay Jones / Sales

If you need help finding the right guitar for you, Clay is your guy! From pickups to neck profiles, to tone woods, he can help you find anything you need to know! He has been soaking up guitar knowledge since he was a kid and has been putting it to use for you for the last five years! 

Favorite Guitar - Gibson Flying V

Favorite Pedal - Ibanez TS-9

Favorite Amp - Marshall JCM800


Joani Cleary / Record Store Manager, Office Guru

If you collect or listen to vinyl, you need to know Joani. She has a way of putting the record you have been looking for in your hands, and finding something new that you will love! She loves live music and has been a part of the local scene for years.



Hoss Hancock / Sales 

With a wealth of knowledge from all things SRV, to some facts that you may or may not know about The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Hoss is your man when it comes to music. From Jimmy Page to Jimi Hendrix, Hoss can help guide you to the tone you've been looking for!

Favorite Guitar - Fender Stratocaster

Favorite Pedal - Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer

Favorite Amp - Peavey Bandit 65

Wes Farmer / Online Sales

Rock guitarist, ambient musician, and pedal guy. Wes loves knowing what gear customers like, and he always wants to get you the best deals! He also loves indie music, blues, prog, and Americana, and he is active in the local music scene, both in bands and as a solo artist.

Favorite Guitar - Fender Stratocaster

Favorite Pedal - Strymon BigSky

Favorite Amp - Fender Deluxe Reverb