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The Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time

The Greatest Guitar Riffs of All Time

According to MME employees! These are the favorite riffs of Kevin, Wes, Joani, and Hoss.

"Honey Bee" - Tom Petty

Kevin: "The tone of that guitar and the way the drums come in make me want to ride around in an old ragtop with the top down and a Telecaster in the back seat."

Check out an article from a 1995 edition of Guitar Player, which talks about Mike Campbell using a Gibson ES-335 on this track!


"Heartbreaker" - Led Zeppelin

Wes: "This riff has a groove to it that I've loved since I was a kid. It's a simple blues-scale riff, but it has so much attitude! Jimmy Page was the king of riffs in the late '60s and the '70s, and I think this is his greatest one."

Check out this article, which discusses how the song was "the first recorded occasion of Page utilizing his patented Gibson Les Paul / Marshall Stack combo. That alone sets it in a class of its own."

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"Elephant Talk" - King Crimson

Joani: "King Crimson got me into prog rock!"

Check out that Chapman Stick in the intro from Tony Levin.

Short article on the track:


"Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Hoss: "I first heard this in 1983 on WMMT. I went to Record Rack and bought Electric Ladyland on cassette, and it changed my whole world!"

An article on getting the tone of this track using a Boss GT-1:

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"Blackberry" - The Black Crowes

Kevin: "I was a senior in high school when I heard this riff. I was in love with vintage guitars and that tone made me want to play!!"


"Damage Control" - John Petrucci

Wes: "The opening riff was the meanest riff I'd ever heard at 15. John Petrucci's performance on G3: Live in Tokyo blew my mind at that age and it still does! I love the tone of an Ernie Ball Music Man JP6 through a Mesa/Boogie."


"Never Fight A Man With A Perm" - IDLES

Joani: "This riff makes me want to get up and kick a door down!"


"Bridge of Sighs" - Robin Trower

Hoss: "I heard this one in 1984 on WMMT, and I called them and asked if it was Jimi Hendrix. When I found out it was Robin Trower, I went and bought the album on cassette as soon as I could."

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