Troy Burchett - Turn Back Time (CD)

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When Troy Burchett went to Nashville, he took his guitar, three chords, and a dream-to make a name for himself in the music industry...

- Singer, songwriter, musician, & actor
- Performed for CMT reps, Naomi Judd, John Edwards, and KY governors
- Performed at Wild Horse Saloon
- Opened for Michael Combs, KISS Tribute Band, Freemans
- Highest ratings on Virginia Dreams, RFD TV
- YouTube, iTunes, & Vimeo listings
- Appeared on TV, radio stations, and in magazines
- 2001 World Karate Champion

1. Let Me Down Easy
2. Something About You
3. Worth The Price
4. Who's To Blame
5. Live To Love You
6. Turn Back Time
7. Where Do We Go From Here
8. That's My Girl
9. Got To Be Free
10. Hard Letting Go

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